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  Since the earliest times of human existence, man has been able to develop his environment by understanding the potential of harnessing energy.   Realizing this potential has made it possible for the human species to flourish and inhabit virtually every corner of the planet.

    In modern times energy sources have been heavily dependent on carbon based fuels. The burning and distribution of these fuels have had great social, environmental and economic consequences. Today fossil fuels account for 80-90% of world energy consumption. Energy derived from natural sources such as sun, wind, and water are now seen by governments, the scientific community, and industry as a viable more stable way to satisfy our ever growing hunger for energy.

    As our dependence on combustible fuels diminishes, our production of electricity will need to be ramped up.  Electricity produced by renewable energy is growing at a rate of 35% per year, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The expansion of this industry has brought great opportunities into diverse markets. The Power Company recognizes these opportunities in markets that sell and develop power for local “Community Based” markets.  Electric development of this kind has many social, economic and practical benefits. Benefits for the developer include selling power at premium prices by making use of special market conditions for small generators. Benefits for the customer include possible stable (possibly reduced) energy costs because the power is being produced by means of renewable energy, which is not as volatile as other forms of energy production.   By producing the power locally, it is practical because the energy is being consumed where it is being produced, thus not wasted in transmission.

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